I want to be the girls on these album covers

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These album covers make me go ‘oh’ – so beautiful in their simplicity.

Emiliana Torrini - Easy

Emilana’s song ‘Easy’ may just be perfect – wistful yet assertive, and with a deceptively simple storytelling thread (basically, you’ve led me to this point, I want you, so ‘why should we take it easy?’) that she brings a gossamer touch to. In an instant, the girl has ’20 years in sight’… and who doesn’t spin off into daydreams like this after even the briefest of encounters?!

Emiliana Torrini – Easy

Leona Neass - I Tried To Rock But You Only Roll

Leona Naess is a brand-new discovery for me, so I’m still in the process of really absorbing her, but I’m loving this track from her debut album:

Leona Naess – New York Baby

Feist - The Reminder

From the warm tones of those album covers, to the icy-cool shades of Feist.

The combination of her shadowy, ballerina-like self (long neck, bare shoulders, gentle bun), and those rainbow beams refracting behind her creates a purity that draws you in.

This tune perfectly displays Feist’s crystal vocals – her lilting delivery chimes like a bell.

Feist – So Sorry

And speaking of album covers, does anyone else see a striking resemblance between the girl on The Cars’ debut album, and actor Anne Hathaway?!!

The CarsAnne Hathaway

The Cars – Just What I Needed

(Adore the line, ‘I don’t mind you hangin’ out, and talkin’ in your sleep’ – in no small part because I talk in my sleep too!)


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