Signs you’re addicted to Facebook #12 and #35

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#12: You think in status updates#35: Instead of checking Facebook for the millionth time, you sign in to your email account (pretending to yourself that you’re checking your emails). Of course, you’re really checking for Facebook email notifications, which helpfully inform you if someone has sent you a message, added you as a friend, written on your wall, tagged you in a photo, invited you to join a group, invited you to an event, etc. If there’s any, then clearly you can log into Facebook guilt-free (it’d be just plain rude not to reply). If there isn’t, then there’s no need to check Facebook, thus you have successfully avoided feeding your addiction, yet still cleverly managed ascertain whether you’ve had any Facebook-related action.Note: This thinly-veiled attempt to trick your conscious mind into believing that you’re not checking Facebook works about as well as setting your clock 15 minutes fast, hoping that when you glance at it, you’ll leap into action thinking you’re running horribly late. Which is to say, it doesn’t work at all. We all know that by day two, you’re mentally subtracting those 15 minutes. So, let’s celebrate (musically) the addict in all of us, shall we? Super songs by some modern-day addicts (who unfortunately are troubled by more than just zealousness for a certain social networking site):Amy Winehouse – ValerieI adore ‘Wino’. I don’t care how many shabby pictures of her I see in the mags – I just hope she’s happy (or gets happy). Your chances of hearing her sing this sunshiny Zutons cover live, however, are somewhat limited by the fact that she keeps cancelling concerts. Which is a real shame.The Libertines – Don’t Look Back Into The SunPoor Pete’s problems have been comprehensibly chronicled by the world media. But there was a heady time when The Libertines were the darlings of the English music press (such as NME), anointed as The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread (or similar). Here’s why – hard to believe this is a B-side.Rufus Wainwright – Cigarettes And Chocolate MilkLet’s face it – Rufus is a godsend. And I’m not even religious. This song (one of his best) finds him confessing that everything it seems he like’s a ‘little bit harmful for me’. No matter our vices, I’m pretty sure we can all relate to that. So please be kind if he’s a mess.Now, if you’ll excuse me…


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