Kevin07 victory mix – here comes K.Rudd, there goes Johnny

November 27, 2007 at 11:12 am | Posted in Mix tapes | Leave a comment

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Bye bye Johnny.

Australians have just ousted John Howard, prime minister for 11-and-a-half-years, in favour of a K.Rudd-led Labor government with ‘fresh ideas’, to borrow a slogan. It feels like a victory for values over the economy.

In honour of our new Mr Sheen-style prime minister*, Kevin Rudd, let’s enjoy a Kevin07 victory mix, shall we?

Bob Evans – Don’t You Think It’s Time

Dan Kelly – Drunk On Election Night

John Legend – Maxine’s Interlude (I tried not to choose songs based solely on their title, but this is just too good. Fancy Maxine McKew causing Johnny the indignity of being only the second Aussie prime minister to be voted out of his electorate.)

The Frames – Finally

The Libertines – The Boy Looked At Johnny (He certainly did – he came, he saw, he conquered.)

Kings Of Leon – Woo Hoo

The Whitlams – Gough

Midnight Oil – One Country [iTunes doesn’t have a sample, do yourself a favour and buy it elsewhere, it’s beautiful.] (And go on K.Rudd, bite the bullet and make ex-Oils front man Peter Garrett environment minister.)

The Style Council – Shout To The Top

The Pointer Sisters – Jump For My Love (No reason why Kevin07 couldn’t give Hugh Grant a run for his money doing the Love Actually dance:

Well okay, perhaps there are a couple…)

Here’s to John Howard not being able to make me feel ashamed to be Australian any more.

Suggest any songs I’ve missed, leave me a comment.

*The Mr Sheen comparison is used with affection. At least it’s neat and tidy, unlike those eyebrows on our former PM.


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